This year, the White Christmas Fair will raise funds for London's famous Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital. 

Local Mother, Jagrati Acharya, shares her experience of GOSH: 



Local miracle boy Sachin Gilchrist, now aged 4 has lived to tell the tale. He contracted a deadly virus as a newborn which attacked his heart, and suffered three cardiac arrests. He then spent four harrowing months on life support at world renowned Great Ormond Street Hospital, and each day was a battle to survive. Our lives had changed forever. Without any warning.

He was treated round the clock by highly qualified and committedDoctors and nurses, and given the highest level of expertise because he was so critically sick. Each day was a challenge and we were completely in the hands of the amazing groups of Medical experts who were relentless in their care of him. We could do nothing and not being able to hold him whilst he was hooked up to the machines, was completely heartbreaking. Our older son Hari, who was only 19 months at the time was looked after by his grandparents as we did not leave Sachin's side. The sound of the bleeping monitors to this day, still resonate in our minds.

The level of expertise is truly exceptional at GOSH and that's why we raise money to help them to continue to provide unbeatable care to other dear children that may need it. Without the incredible care that Sachin received and the most up to date equipment used, we would not be here today as a family. Help that is so exceptional that no one else could do it.

Sachin is a fun, bubbly and thriving little boy (albeit with a weak heart now) because of GOSH. He defied all odds and this was only possible because GOSH not only saved his life, but ours as a family too. If you or your loved one have ever been a patient of GOSH, you will know it is a truly special place full of special kids who do not deserve the cruelty of being so sick, but who are part of an incredible family and institution.